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The Process

Steps to make a simple     suncatcher!

*Start with 2 copies of your favorite stained glass pattern.*


1)  Number your pieces on both patterns

2) Pick your glass colors

3)  Cover 1st pattern with plastic sheet onto craft board

4)  Cut out pieces of 2nd pattern

5) Trace pieces onto glass pieces using sharpie markers

6)  Cut out pieces using hand held glass cutter

7)  Grind pieces to fit your 1st pattern

8)  Remove plastic sheet and re-tack pattern to board

9)  Clean and dry pieces using glass wipes and towel

10)  Foil your pieces using correct colored backing foil & fid tool

11)  Using tacks, hold your pieces in place on the 1st pattern

12)  Warm your soldering iron

13)  Flux the copper foil on your tacked piece

14)  Solder all copper foiled areas

15)  Flip and repeat flux & soldering on backside

16)  Solder edges and attach rings & chain

17)   Wash piece with flux remover & steel wool

18)  Clean and buff with finishing compound then buff with dry rag or paper towel. 


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